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It all started with a brand…


When Priscilla and I met our dream was to one day open our own restaurant. Eleven years, 2 kids, 3 cats, 2 frogs, and a bunch of fish later- here we are.


We love good, homemade, fresh food. Our vision is to make you the best burger (great bun, handmade patty, seasoned just right, and not overcooked), perfect crisp fries (not limpy or soggy) or hand-battered onion rings, and top it off with a pie and crust that can’t be beat. We serve our children and yours hand-battered chicken fingers.


Sam’s grandfather, Samuel Crosser, had a ranch with cattle that he branded with his Cross R to show his pride and ownership. Over 100 years later, we brand our buns to share our pride and homemade food with you!


We are so happy you have chosen to eat with us and hope you join us again and again. We are committed to serving you fresh, not frozen, homemade food daily.


See you soon!


Sam, Priscilla, Campbell, & Mila





The Wood



Scott Hanson & Derik Crosser


The wood that is used in our tables is unique in many ways. It is all antique reclaimed wood from Galveston- some of which dates all the way back to the Great Storm of 1900. This wood is not only used on the walls and bar area, but also been the principal building material for the tables you eat at. Artisan Scott Hanson, a family friend, designed and built each table in the restaurant with Derik Crosser, Sam’s older brother, especially for Sam and his family: Priscilla, Campbell, and Mila. An award winning craftsman and furniture builder from Galveston, Scott makes furniture to order and leaves his special touch on each piece. Scott and his wife, Holly, are also the owners and operators of the Antique Warehouse in Galveston and have extensive knowledge about wood quality and antiques of all kinds. Scott puts his heart and soul into each piece that he builds, choosing wood of the finest grain and creating unique designs that cannot be found anywhere else. Next time you are in Galveston, be sure to visit Antique Warehouse 423 25th Street.





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